This site was set up to compliment the Team Scarab site.
Yendys Pty Ltd is an independent company created to build small multihulls, especially trimarans.

We have built many of Ray Kendrick's designs and we will show how these boats are constructed. The Team Scarab site was growing too large to include all of this information.We hope that the information and the pictures of these boats will help the homebuilder with their own projects.

We will also include some pictures sent to us by homebuilders who are willing to share information with others.

Team Scarab web site.

See the site if you are interested in any of these designs.

Backyard Boat Building

This book is in PDF format to read on your computer or tablet. It contains information on techniques we have used when building foam sandwich boats using minimium tools and tried and true techniques. (39 pages). Price $5 AUD.