Building the Scarab 16 trimaran Main hull

The original Scarab 16 plans called for the boat to be built in foam sandwich or plywood with a cabin and pivoting centreboards in the floats.

This boat will have a few modifications to the original boat.

  • It will still be built in foam sandwich
  • An open cockpit with small deck. This will make the cockpit longer to allow the crew to move further forward to trim the boat.
  • Prodder for the spinnaker pole
  • A dagger board.
  • The bilge is rounded on the main hull and floats.
  • The mast is mounted on the floor of the cockpit which will simpify rigging the boat without any major lifting.
  • The folding system and beams will be similar to the Scarab 18 or Scarab 650 with the beams bolted onto the deck of the floats.

Will post more pictures as I go along

Scarab 16 Scarab 16

Scarab 16 Scarab 16