About Yendys Pty Ltd.


Yendys is a very small company owned by Fran Sneesby set up to build small boats (mainly trimarans). I have a relaxed life-style and I live to build boats rather than build boats to live.
Whenever Team Scarab releases a new small design, Yendys sometimes builds a prototype.
Some of these protypes include:

  • Two Scarab 18 foot trimarans.
  • An Ozzie 3 metre trimaran.
  • A Scarab 650 folding trimaran
  • Two Scarab 12 footers.
  • A Scarab 10 footer.
  • A Scarab 16 daysailer.
S.E. Queensland is renown for a life-style that supports sailing multihulls both large and small so this will be my primary market for selling boats.